A Revolution in Portable Power

Buyle is your new way of thinking about power on the move

Power. Its become an integral part of everyday life. As we rely on our technology for work, play and even finding our way around, we rely on those devices having enough power to be there when we need them. Buyle is the ultimate power solution we have all been waiting for. With a compact size and a compact price, Buyle has been created to change how we see portable power, forever.

Buyle comes with everything you need

It takes everything you know about portable power, and then turns it on its head.


With its 8000mAh capacity and a rated power output of 29.6Wh, Buyle brings real charging power with you everywhere you go.


Buyle fits comfortably into your pocket, at just 138mm long, 69mm wide and 13.5mm thick. Its size is small as an iPhone X for ultimate portability.


Built for travel, Buyle is the power solution wherever you go. Buyle can charge any of your devices, from phone to laptop, tablet to smartwatch or media player, etc.


With comprehensive safety measures in place, Buyle will not overheat or damage your devices. Every device gets the charge it needs safely.

Type C Wireless + Wire Charging

Input + Output Simultaneously

Buyle is designed to be there whenever you need it most.

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What situations you need Buyle?

With this amazing portable power solution, you need never worry about having power when you need it again.

Business Trip

When the battery is down to 1%.With Buyle, you have the power you need right in your pocket.

Family Gathering

Buyle is built to charge multiple devices at once, it’s great for you to share power with your family and friends.

Beach & Pool

Buyle is the charging tool you could ever need into a package that you can fit into your pocket or bag on every trip you take

Why Choose Buyle?

With Buyle, you are getting access to a new way of bringing power with you everywhere you go, able to fit in your pocket, but still have the muscle to charge phones, laptops, tablets and any other device, even multiple devices at the same time. It brings so many benefits together in a single package that it really is unlike anything you have seen before.

Buyle has changed how we see portable power, forever

We know that you have seen power banks before, you may even own one, so we are not going to pretend they don’t exist. But the thing is, Buyle is different!

8000mAh capacity

Buyle’s dual power outlets and wireless charging capabilities, you can charge multiple devices at once.

Wireless Charging

Just sit your compatible phone or other device on top for true wireless charging experience.

"No more battery anxiety, no more worries about staying in touch, just power, all the time."
Will Li
Founder of Buyle